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Episode 17: Special Guest… Evans Putman

One powerful story of a life changed.
Stories are what bind us in our humanity. They allow us to relate, connect, to feel inspired to make changes and boy does Evens have a powerful story to share. Being a coach, podcaster and entrepreneur Evens never had the need to share his story, so it hid in the shadows.

While talking about business, work and how we could best support each other, his story leaked out into our conversation where I knew it needed to be shared with you, our listener. I was captivated by how this story impacted his emotional well being and the struggle it took back to vulnerability, love and inner peace.

You could see the fear wello up in him as I asked if he would be willing to share his story with you… after taking a deep breath he agreed. So here it is, unpolished, raw and shared for the first time on air, Evans’ story of pain and hardship transformed into love and light. Enjoy!


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