Welcome Rebel, to the Emotional Revolution where…

Rebels For Joy is a community of women committed to doing the inner work to live joyful lives.

We Believe

We believe the world needs more joy and it starts with us all living a joyful life.

We believe Joy is a STANDARD we get to live by.

We believe our worth isn’t something we need to prove.

We believe by removing the ‘I’m fine mask’, true connection is possible.

We believe that change is possible, regardless of our past.

We believe we are perfect, whole and complete just as we are.

We believe in making the world a better place by thinking, feeling, doing and being different than the status quo.

We believe we are capable of anything when we align our purpose, passion and power.

Our Commitment

Here we are committed to doing the work to live a JOYOUS LIFE.

We are willing to bravely look at our shadows so that we can make the empowered choice to choose our light and truth.

Here our worth isn’t up for negotiation and we stand radiantly in our truth.

Here we honor our needs, wants and desires while loving others in there’s.

Here we know when we let our own lights shine we give permission to others to do the same.

Why Do We Believe This?

Because when you are aligned with joy, everything else in your life will follow. Your happiness, your relationships, your self-esteem, confidence; everything will improve, but this journey starts with the evolution of you.

How Do We Do This?

We do this through sisterhood and deep inner exploration.We teach you incredible methods to help you to retrain your thoughts, so that you can embody more radiant feelings, and take the actions you WANT to take in your life. From there we help you energetically align with the truth of you so that you can physically embody her in all of her magic!

Our Mission

Our mission is to Spark an Emotional Revolution by putting purpose back into the hearts and souls of every person we touch. This creates a ripple effect of life-changing results that expands far beyond our families and elevates the collective consciousness. Our rebels are ambassadors of joy and influence this world through conscious creation. Here we trust, believe, surrender and radiate greatness, knowing we are never alone and always guided. Our mission is the lasting legacy we live. We are Rebels For Joy.

Your Rebellion Leader

Bonnie’s Story

I was over it. I literally just couldn’t take it anymore. My life sucked.

For as far back as I could remember my life was this way and it just wasn’t fair. I longed for change, happiness and for someone to give me a freaking break, but no matter how hard I tried it was just never good enough.

Years past and misery became an always present unwelcome friend. From my dead-end jobs, failed relationships, disappointed family, dysfunction, drama, empty bank account and constant disappointment, my life was stuck in an endless loop of suckiness. Something had to give.

With $150 in my pocket and a desperation for change, I hopped a one-way train headed towards california looking for a better life only to discover the same-o-same waiting for me. Same pain, same lame job, same crappy relationships all recreated 2,300 miles away.

What I hadn’t realized is that running from my problems wasn’t the solution.
Change required me to… well, change.

It was time to face the demons that followed me no matter where I tried to hide.

The decision to hire my first coach didn’t come easy. I had every reason NOT to do so. I wasn’t making enough to live on, let-alone pay someone almost ½ of my monthly income. I didn’t have the support, resources, time, energy, or money to do so, YET I DID IT ANYWAYS.

Together we tackled the sexual abuse, trauma, emotional abuse, addiction, and pain. We released the shame, guilt, hurt and anger. We forgave those who abused me and myself for allowing myself to be abused. We learned new ways of thinking, feeling and being. WE DID THE FREAKING WORK and guess what… THE work WORKS!

Today that broken hurt young women is a distant memory who serves as a beacon of light for other lost souls looking for joy. My life is flooded with joy, purpose, passion and personal power. I know who I am, what I want, what I am capable of and love the freaking crap out of me!

All because I made the decision to say yes to a better life regardless of the obstacles standing in my way. Now it’s your turn. If you are here I have no doubts it’s for a reason. You are seeking change. You are seeking to evolve. You are seeking truth. You are in the right place sister…Welcome home.

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