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Episode 57: Stop People Pleasing & End Self-Sabotage

Do you have a hard time saying NO?
Do you often feel you don’t have a choice, fear you are a burden to others, pretend to agree, get taken advantage of, constantly apologize or struggle to ask for help?

Do you FEAR if you say NO that you won’t be loved, liked, accepted or fear rejection, abandonment or conflict?

If you are nodding yes, yes, yes… then sister you are stuck in a cycle of PEOPLE PLEASING and it’s time for change!

People’s pleasures often feel a STRONG emotional need to please others often at the expense of their own needs or desires.

It is a conditioned behavior many of us were taught as children and was often how we obtained love & attention. If you are ready to END this cycle, start standing up for yourself, asking for help, saying NO, advocating for yourself and become more joyful then this episode is for you.


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