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Episode 37: Mastering Boundaries

Did you know that I am kind of a boundaries savant? LOL. I LOVE boundaries, mostly because at one point in my life I never had any.

Boundaries can be tricky. In fact how you currently set boundaries is probably the reason why you fail to set them at all.

Sounds counter-intuitive, but let me explain.

I bet you typically avoid setting boundaries for the most part, but when you do it is because you have been push over the edge and they truly crossed the line!

You are filled with resentment, anger, sadness or frustration and this is clear as you put your foot down launching the other person into attack or defense mode that just reinforces you feeling like you don’t matter.

Sound familiar? If so, your not alone and there is a BETTER WAY!

Tune in as I share with you my top 4-Boundary rules that are guaranteed to help you successfully assert boundaries without being aggressive!



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