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Episode 32: Surrender Control feat. Laura Meyer

Do you struggle with control? The need to do it all, have it all and be all the things is’nt an uncommon mentality among women entrepreneurs, however holding such a tight grip can cause us to burn out, break down and often put us on the wrong path.

In this episode we dive deep with Joy Brand Creative Laura Meyer who is no stranger to success and failures. An inspiring woman who built a multi-million dollar company, was featured in Forbes magazine only to lose it all 1-year later, Laura has some serious wisdom to share.

Her journey through motherhood, being a CEO, finding herself lost on the wrong path to her journey back to JOY will both inspire and delight you. Learn to let go of control, get comfortable with silence, listen to your inner guide and allow god to lead the way is just the tip of this episode’s iceberg!

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