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Episode 29: Soul-fueled Awakening Feat. Jeanine Staples

UMMM… This episode is EPIC. Has your self-love light been operating on its minimum setting? For most women the answer is YES.

Our inner-love lights have been dimmed by the pains of our past, but the hurts of our mistakes, and the emotional confusion that accompanies life. This has resulted in a true lack of SELF-LOVE!

For most of us we run around operating on beliefs that we are less than, not good enough, unworthy, incapable, and thinking something must be wrong with us!


In this episode we GO DEEP (shoot just the first 10-minutes were straight up FIRE!) with my dear dear friend and founder the The Supreme Love Project, Jeanine Staples.

This Soul sister is on a mission to awaken your soul to a deeper, more enriching love that will penetrate every cell in your body.

We talk about the who, what, when, where and how’s of self-Love. What it means to have lasting joy and how you too can begin to LOVE deeper right now. This episode is tooo good not to share so be sure to share it with a friend.


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