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Episode 28: The Seven Awakenings

Sister in Joy… THIS episode will touch the very depths of you. This year has been FULL of life-changing energy hasn’t it? With all that has gone on, it is impossible to say that there is even one person who is not forever changed. And with that change, we know there is a desire, a whisper, a stirring within- calling you to AWAKEN.

How would it feel to truly awaken the joy that is innately available for you? How would it feel to awaken to your truth and the magical being you were MEANT to be?

In this episode we give an overview of the Seven Awakenings- the seven steps that we have both experienced in our lives as we have risen into the truth of who we both are today. And, not so coincidentally, and as the goddess would have it, these seven awakenings align with the seven chakras.

Make sure you listen in and FEEL your way through these stages of awakening that are awaiting you. And to help you along your journey even more, please go to to sign up for the Masterclass we will be hosting LIVE (and if you miss us live, this same site will gift you the replay).

We know for certain… THIS is what you have been waiting for!