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Episode 27: RISE Rebels and DREAM Bigger! 

Calling all Rebels!

This episode is the megaphone, the call to rise up heard ‘round the world, the words to the stirring that is happening inside you. We are Rebels for Joy and that means that when the world gets flipped upside down, we are forced into tiny little boxes, and we feel our dreams dwindle… we FEEL IT and then we MOVE THROUGH IT.


We know what it feels like to witness the dreams we felt so connected to, as the clock struck twelve on January 1, 2020, deflate before our very eyes as the corona virus became a real thing for us all. And in this episode we walk you step by step through syncing back into the vision of what you want by sharing exactly what we’ve done.

This is a reminder of what is always available for you. The world may throw you curveballs, but that doesn’t mean it ends the dream for you- that just means you learn how to swing at and hit different pitches!

This will re-stoke your fire- this will help you REMEMBER what you want- this will invite you to dreaming those dreams, once again, even bigger than you did at the beginning of the year!

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