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Episode 26: Optimizing For Joy feat. NerdyGirl Brittany Bullen 

Holy Moly was this episode amazing! For those of you who don’t know Brittany she is a business nerd friend of mine who is also an author, speaker and coach! She specializes in ad strategy and sales for women entrepreneurs who struggle to find their niche in a crowded market by embracing their inner Nerd!

Though we do talk biz in this episode it is SO SO Much more.

If you struggle with separating your worth from your work, if you struggle to let go of the have-to obligated mentality that is robbing you of joy then listen up as Brittany and I dive deep into the importance of making JOY the leader in your life.

Making joy the result vs the journey is a sure fire way to keep you in a constant state of waiting for joy to happen vs consciously creating joy on the regular.

Brittany and I go step-by-step into some powerful mind-shifts to help you unhook from your limitations and truly life a life fueled by joy! I can’t wait to hear what you think! Make sure you take a screenshot of this episode, share what you learned and tag us!!

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