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Episode 25: Stop Resisting the NOW (to bring Happiness)

Well in this episode we just went there. Jillian here, Loves, and honestly, sharing this epiphany felt equal parts elementary as well as like I was handing over the keys to the secrets of the Universe. But oftentimes, the simplest, most straightforward epiphanies work that way.

In this episode we peeled apart the concept of being present in the NOW- but with a brand new spin on the “how-to” do it. Every personal development book and self-care practice tells us to get out of the past, stay out of the future, and be right where you are. This sounds great but when life throws you a newborn, a world-wide pandemic, and basically a world turned on its head, it’s hard to rewire the programming of feeling like you SHOULD be somewhere else. And for me, that’s working, performing, generating, and creating.

In this episode I share my story of how resistance to what IS (being a Mumma with little to no time for work) was keeping me in a place of anger, FOMO, and dissatisfaction (which was stopping me from connecting with the joyful things that were right in front of me). I shared my realization about how if life looked different, I’d be doing different things… but it doesn’t, so I’m not- AND.FOR.THE.FIRST.TIME.THAT’S.OKAY!

We guarantee that you will be able to relate to this epiphany on some level and if you implement the celebration of your reality (and your lemonade) then every moment for you, starting NOW, will feel more joyful and filled than it has in a very long time!