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Episode 24: How to Stop Taking Yourself so Seriously

If you’re ready to get a good laugh, then tune into this episode – Bonnie’s story on how she chose not to take herself too seriously during a HILARIOUS (but super embarrassing/ potentially infuriating!!) situation is GOLD! It’s roll-on-the-floor funny and also, the lessons learned that we shared are guaranteed to help YOU laugh more often in your personal life as well!

So often we get caught up on Expectation Mountain- walking, talking, living, and breathing in a way that is so inauthentic to ourselves but is how the world told us we “should” act. We take ourselves super seriously, we wind up living a life that isn’t ours, and we feel plain awful.

What if we remembered that being silly, playing, and having fun on purpose all allow for us to get back to our innate nature?

What if we remembered that we’ve never done this day before and that we get to have fun figuring it out?

What if we remembered that feeling good IS THE POINT and we rob ourselves of that opportunity for a feel-good life when we take ourselves too seriously!?

Tune into this episode and let us help you take the steps down off Expectation Mountain and into the truest, most beautiful version of you!