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Episode 21: Forgiving the Unforgivable


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Forgiveness is one those things you might think you need but often dismiss. You try to forgive and forget or forgive and move on but find yourself getting stuck in the past.

We live our day-to-day lives feeling fine until we are hit with old memories of hurt, resentment, anger, and disgust which unexpectedly flare up to ruin our day.

I get it and honestly learning the art of forgiveness was not something I thought I truly needed but it was the greatest gift I ever gave myself.

Learning to let go of the past, let go of the hurt, let go of the anger and move emotionally present requires frequent stops to forgiveness.

Learning to forgive yourself and the people who have wronged you is the key to lasting happiness and in this episode I share my deeply personal struggle through forgiveness that ultimately led me to inner peace. Enjoy!