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Episode 20: No longer burnt out on busy feat. Andrea Cairella

Learn to stop being burnt out on being busy.
Do you burn out on being busy? Gosh knows I did (BK here!). For years I would work 60+ hour weeks hustling, building, and growing my life and business. My business became a badge of honor that I wore with pride that reflected just how “successful I was”… yet I was miserable.

I craved time. I craved space. I craved a deeper connection but my constant business kept me stuck. I would burn out to the point of a breakdown which often felt like a great relief because it forced me to slow down. What I was missing was how much of my identity was wrapped up in the illusion of what being busy meant to me.

Andrea Cairella knows this all too well and has helped thousands of women similar to me unhook from the busy cycle and ground into a more meaningful life. She knows the power of unhooking your identity from your work and in this episode will give you stop by step instructions on how to do just that. Check it out and check her out!

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