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Episode 19: Believe to Receive

We’ve been trained to think that the things that do or don’t happen to us are actually the things that shape our beliefs. Said another way, our beliefs are shaped by the circumstances that pop up in our lives. But the truth is, we call in the situations that happen in our lives BECAUSE of what we believe!

Energetically speaking, what happens or doesn’t happen is because of what you believe- it’s the Law of Attraction which is just as much a Universal Law as the Law of Gravity. The Universe only knows truth and continues to present things to us that we deem as true. So, if we believe certain things, the Universe will deliver people, situations, events, etc. to prove the truth of our belief. This is great when things are all working out in your favor- but what about the times where you are attracting in some pretty gnarly stuff?

In this episode we dive into HOW to rewire your beliefs so that you attract what you truly want because you have changed your mindset and ability to receive. We will show you where your negative core beliefs are pulling in circumstances to continue to make those true, and how to release the beliefs that don’t serve you and replace them with beliefs that do!

This is a deep, hearty conversation and you are ready for it- enjoy, loves!


Believe to Receive is a powerful quote that many of us have heard before but in this episode Jillian breaks down just how you too can get out of your comfort zone step into a powerful ‘believe to receive’ attitude that is sure to get in the good vibes you are looking for.