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Episode 16: Finding Joy in the Moon Cycle (Part 2)


Learn The Different Phases Of The Moon
The Moon Cycle illuminates so much for us about the natural flow and cyclicality between the “doing” and “being” energies. In this episode we really go deep in how we can utilize the second half of the moon cycle to capitalize on the intentions we set during the first half.

In this episode we talk about the Full Moon, the Disseminating Moon, the Third Quater Moon, and the Balsamic Moon. We also teach you how to find joy throughout the process of bringing the dreams that you declared you were ready to make come true, to fruition. With these phases, there is so much celebration for the work (inner and outer) you have already put in, as well as the opportunity to release what no longer serves you and pivot toward the life that you truly want.

Joy can be found in both the waxing and the waning. It can be found in the taking inspired action as well as taking deep, nurturing care for yourself. And in this episode we will teach you how to leverage the energies from Mama Moon to help you to translate this into your life so you that you can live it in the way that makes you feel the most connected and fulfilled.