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Episode 15: Finding Joy in the Moon Cycle (Part 1)


Learn The Different Phases Of The Moon
Have you ever wanted a road map for your life that allowed for you to take inspired action when it felt good to go, go, go and then kick your feet up and really rest when it felt good to take time to recharge? Well sister, that’s actually available to us all by way of Mama Moon!

The moon cycle has 8 phases that we at Rebels for Joy follow and have really applied to our lives. With each phase there are different energies that we are able to tap into in order to live our most fulfilled, abundant lives. So often we feel like we have to force through in order to build an epic life, and when we feel like taking a break, we shame ourselves. Well, the moon teaches us that actually, if we follow the natural waxing and waning energies, we will do more when it is time to do and we will recharge even more deeply when it is time to be.

In this episode you will learn about the first half of the moon cycle. We walk you through the New Moon, Crescent Moon, First Quarter Moon, and Gibbous Moon and reveal the different energies that are present during each phase.

When we know where the moon is in her cycle and we are able to note how we feel during different phases, we can really capitalize on how to best support ourselves in all areas of life.

Join us for this exciting conversation that will illuminate so much for you!