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Episode 14: Robbin McManne

Can we chat Mom-to-mom real talk for just a second and be honest about how messy being a parent can be sometimes. We strive to buy all the right things, make sure they are eating well, have access to quality child care and education, and almost always put their needs above all else only to discover you’ve lost it along the way.

We love our children to the moon and though we do SOOO many things right we can often find ourselves frustrated, reactive, short and even jerks to our kids from time-to-time that often result in feelings of regret.

This is robbing you of your joy (and sister you are not alone!)

If there are times you feel at a loss of what to do, plagued with mom-guilt, have a strained relationship with your kiddos or have neglected your needs to the point of outright frustration, then this episode is the answer you have been looking for.

Robbin is hands down one of my favorite people to talk too. Not only is she a powerful parenting coach and renowned author of ‘The Yelling Cure’, she is a brain nerd just like me (BK here!) and boy does this episode get nerdy.

From grace to tools, to stories, to laughter; this episode has it all. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe & leave your rebel sisters a review!

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