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Episode 13: Am I Worth It?

Women are at war with their worth. We struggle to feel worthy, stand in our worth and even advocate for it. It almost doesn’t matter what the situation is, our self-worth often feels like it’s on the line especially when it comes to doing something extra for ourselves, but WHY??

Why do we struggle with something that shouldn’t even be up for negotiable?
Why do we deny ourselves of the ‘luxuries in life’ but wouldn’t question it for someone else?
Why do we continuously put our needs, wants and desires on the back burners?

Well in this episode we dive right into this topic head first so that we can put an end to this war once and for all. You matter and your needs, wants, dreams, desires matter too. Can we all agree as Rebels For Joy that we will finally put the battle of our worth to rest and step into the fullness of who we are! YES YES YES!