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Episode 10: Erica Ballard: Redefining Health

Let’s be honest… who doesn’t struggle with health in some way. 

Whether it’s with the way we look, feel, our relationship to food or fitness, stress, physical struggles or body image issues, we all have, or do, struggle with our health to some degree. 

But what if it didn’t have to be that way.

What if we could have PEACE within ourselves when it comes to food, nutrition and our bodies. 

Well this is just the scratch of the surface of my (BK HERE) conversation with Health Expert Erica Ballard. From the gate, this episode is jam packed with powerful nuggets to help you redefine your relationship with health while enhancing your joy! 

Bio: Erica is the workplace wellness expert. Through her work, she teaches people and teams how to optimize their energy through food and take care of themselves despite their busy schedules.


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